Tiffany Davis
Tiffany blue
Full Name Tiffany Torrence Davis
Gender Female
Age 27
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Job Reality Star

Motivational Speaker

Affiliation(s) The Bad Girls Club (Season 3)
First Episode "Breaking and Entering"
Last Episode "Unresolved Issues" (Reunion)
Tiffany Torrence-Davis from "Bad Girls Club," who is sometimes known as Tiffany Gibson-Davis, stars in Season 3 of the Oxygen reality soap.

Tiffany Torrence-Davis ("Bad Girls Club 3") is from the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Tiffany Torrence-Davis is a self-proclaimed hustler. Tiffany Torrence-Davis is largely supported by various sugar daddies in her life. But Tiffany Gibson-Davis also has a heart of gold. Tiffany ("Bad Girls Club 3") will give you the shirt off her back, but if disrespected, things will get ugly. Tiffany Torrence Davis is sure to butt heads with other girls in Bad Girls Club.

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