Stephanie George
Full Name Stephanie George
Nickname(s) The Harlem Heartbreaker
Gender Female
Age 21
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Job Reality Star

Former stripper

Affiliation(s) Bad Girls Club: Atlanta Season 10
First Episode "Southern Discomfort"
Last Episode "Reunion Part 3"
Stephanie George from "Bad Girls Club: Atlanta" is one of the bad girls in Season 10 of the Oxygen reality series. She currently lives in New York City.

Dancing isn't the only exotic thing about this half-black, half-El Salvadorian stripper who flaunts her looks around town. Stephanie George is not afraid of jealous women and once had an angry female mob attack her with scissors. A manipulator at heart, she once scammed a frequent customer out of $10,000. Born in Elizabeth, N.J., this bi-sexual bombshell and former Catholic school girl is newly single and looking for trouble.

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