Ripsi Terzian
Gender Female
Age 23
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Job Reality Star
Affiliation(s) The Bad Girls Club (Season 1)
First Episode "It's Easier to Be Bad"
Last Episode "Quick Fix" (removed from the show)
Reason Season ended

Ripsi Terzian is one of the cast members of Oxygen's reality soap, "The Bad Girls Club."

Ripsi Terzian is an admittedly spoiled girl who has never lived apart from her parents - she confesses that until she was eight-years-old, she thought she was an actual princess. Ripsi Terzian works, but doesn't have to, because Daddy supports her impulsive shopping addiction and Mommy does her laundry. With attitude for miles, Ripsi Terzian is confrontational, materialistic and opinionated. Ripsi Terzian is judgmental of promiscuous girls and cheap people. Ripsi Terzian has a hard time controlling her anger and if you cross her, you'll wish you hadn't.

Ripsi Terzian was the first to be dismissed from "The Bad Girls Club" house for attacking housemates while under the influence in Episode 2.

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