Raquel Santiago
Tumblr mbk4i5P86t1rgtxt2o1 500
Full Name Raquel Santiago
Nickname(s) Rocky
Gender Female
Age 21
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Job Reality Star
Affiliation(s) Bad Girls Club: Atlanta Season 10

Bad Girls Club All Star Battle

First Episode "There’s Something About Jerry…"
Last Episode "Reunion Part 3"
Rocky Santiago from "Bad Girls All Star Battle," whose full name is Raquel Santiago, stars in the Oxygen reality competition series.

Santiago was originally on "Bad Girls Club: Atlanta," Season 10 of the reality docu-series. She entered the house in the fifth episode as a replacement for Nicole Vargas, who voluntarily left the house in the fourth episode after multiple physical altercations with Valentina Anyanwu. From a small town in California to the big city of Atlanta, Rocky Santiago made her mark in the mansion, after joining the house mid-season. She knows the power of a pretty face after being crowned homecoming queen in high school and winning several modeling competitions. She isn't afraid of causing controversy with anyone who tries to get in her way. This competitive tomboy hopes to win the competition so she can give back to her mom and start a charity to combat bullying.

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