Paula Hellens
Full Name Paula Hellens
Nickname(s) Hell on Heels
Gender Female
Age 26
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Job Reality Star


Affiliation(s) Bad Girls Club: Atlanta Season 10

Bad Girls Club All Star Battle

First Episode "Southern Discomfort"
Last Episode "Reunion Part 3"
Paula Hellens from "Bad Girls Club: Atlanta" is one of the bad girls in Season 10 of the Oxygen reality series. She currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Paula Hellens, aka the "Hell on Heels," is a gutsy Southern city "bad girl" with a spitball mouth and feisty attitude. This petite bombshell attended Jackson State University where she not only became the first in her family to earn a college degree, but also developed a mean hair fetish. Paula currently works as a hairstylist and won't hesitate to tell a random stranger their "Do" is whack. She admits she can't control her words and is quick to take it to the next level. This hothead, hand-clapping, neck-rolling, party girl is ready for her next adventure.