Lauren Spears
Nickname(s) The Southern Spitfire
Gender Female
Age 22
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Job Reality Star
Affiliation(s) The Bad Girls Club (Season 6)
First Episode "It's Hotter in Hollywood"
Last Episode "Reunion: Part 2" (Reunion)
Reason Season ended

Lauren Spears from "Bad Girls Club: Back to LA," who's nicknamed "The Southern Spitfire," is one of the bad girls in Season 6 of the Oxygen reality series. Lauren ("Bad Girls Club 6") is from Lexington, Kentucky. She is 22 years old. This mean girl thrives on picking out the insecurities of the people around her and using them later. Lauren Spears has no interest in commitments and is always on the lookout for her next boy toy. Double-crossing this good time party girl would be regrettable; she can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

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