Kristen Guinane
Full Name Kristen Kelly Guinane
Nickname(s) The Pageant Princess
Gender Female
Age 26
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Job Reality Star
Affiliation(s) The Bad Girls Club (Season 5)
First Episode "Welcome To Miami Beyotch"
Last Episode "The Wicked Witch Of Key West" (Removed from the show)

"Reunion Part II" (Returned for Reunion)

Reason Season ended
Kristen Kelly Guinane from "Bad Girls Club: Miami" is one of the bad girls in Season 5 of the Oxygen reality series. Kristen ("Bad Girls Club 5") is from Boston, Massachusetts.

A self-proclaimed princess, Kristen Kelly Guinane grew up doing no wrong in her parents' eyes. At the age of nine, Kristen entered the pageant circuit, fostering an intense competitive nature in her. This pampered, privileged blonde bombshell brings her taste for the high life to the "Bad Girls Club," as well as her life-long aspiration to be a Playboy Playmate.