Jennifer Hardwick
Full Name Jennifer Hardwick
Nickname(s) The Fun-Loving Firecracker
Gender Female
Age 21
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Job Reality Star
Affiliation(s) Bad Girls Club: Atlanta
First Episode "The Girl Who Cried Mommy"
Last Episode "Gone with the Weave"

"Reunion Part 3"

Reason "Gone with the Weave"

Removed from the house following several physical altercations with Raquel.

"Reunion Part 3" Returned for reunion

Jenniffer Hardwick from "Bad Girls All Star Battle" stars in the Oxygen reality competition series.

Hardwick was originally on "Bad Girls Club: Atlanta," Season 10 of the reality docu-series. She entered the house in the fourth episode as a replacement for Janae Bradford, who voluntarily left the house in the third episode after a physical altercation with Alicia Samaan and Valentina Anyanwu. From exotic dancing to juggling men, Jenniffer Hardwick isn't one for following rules and refuses to Jenniffer Hardwick of "Bad Girls Club 10: Atlanta" settle for an ordinary lifestyle. Although she prefers to talk it out, she admits that if you cross her, she can go for zero to 120 in 3.5 seconds. She doesn't always see eye to eye with her former roommate Rocky Santiago since their notorious fight over a hot pocket. But she is willing to put everything on the line, to save her brother from foster care and prove to the courts that she can support her family.

Jenniffer is from San Bernadino, California.