Full Name Florina Kaja
Nickname(s) Flo
Gender Female
Age 29
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Job Reality Star
Affiliation(s) The Bad Girls Club (Season 5)

The Tyra Banks Show (Appeared in 2 episodes)

Bad Girls Club: Flo Gets Married

Tanisha Gets Married

First Episode "Off The Wall"
Last Episode "Go With The Flo" (left early)

"It Aint Over" (Returned for Reunion)

Flo Kaja from "Tanisha Gets Married," whose full name is Florina Kaja, stars in the Oxygen reality docu-series. Known as the tough big sister on Season 4 of the "Bad Girls Club," she is one of the bridesmaids for Tanisha Thomas.

Tanisha Gets MarriedEdit

Flo Kaja now lives in Staten Island with her husband, Patriot, and daughter. Taking on the role of "Bad Girl gone good," she is now a full-time mom and is excited to be back together with Tanisha. Although she is skeptical and untrusting of other women, describing them as "catty" and "two-faced," Flo feels she truly and wholeheartedly can trust and confide in Tanisha. Flo believes that Clive Muir and Tanisha have a great relationship. She wants to do anything to make this the wedding the day of Tanisha's dreams but is concerned with the drama between her and former Bad Girl Natalie Nunn. Flo forms an unbreakable connection with Tanisha over their less-driven significant others, realizing that they are both carrying the financial burdens in their families.

Bad Girls ClubEdit

With her tough talking, "born to be bad" style, Kaja is a bisexual party girl who refuses to be the Albanian Muslim ideal of a passive, obedient female her family would hope for. She always encourages women to stand up for themselves and is prepared to fight for the underdog at the drop of a hat.