Angie Castillo
Full Name Angelic Castillo
Nickname(s) Angie
Gender Female
Age 22
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Job Reality Star
Affiliation(s) The Bad Girls Club (Season 7)
First Episode "I Got the Voodoo for U"
Last Episode "Reunion Part 2" (Reunion)
Angelic Castillo from "Bad Girls Club: New Orleans," who's also known as Angie Castillo, is one of the bad girls in Season 7 of the Oxygen reality series. She is originally from Sacramento, California. Angelic Castillo ("Bad Girls Club 7") may be 50% angel and 50% devil, but she is 100% bad girl. Hailing from the hard streets of the Bronx, this former Catholic schoolgirl is proud to be instilled with a toughness and resilience that has prepared her for anything life has to throw at her. A true romantic at heart, Angelic prefers a penniless soul mate to a loser with deep pockets. Although she may have a short fuse, she is also quick to forgive and forget.