Aimee Landi
Gender Female
Age 24
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Job Reality Star
Affiliation(s) The Bad Girls Club (Season 1)
First Episode "It's Easier to Be Bad"
Last Episode "Outrageous & Unseen"
Reason Season ended

Aimee Landi is one of the cast members of Oxygen's reality soap, "The Bad Girls Club."

Aimee Landi is an abrasive 24 year old from South Philadelphia. Aimee Landi gets into physical fights from time to time - which she credits to her father, who used to encourage her to stand up for herself. Aimee Landi believes she doesn't need to take attitude from anyone and reacts harshly to any criticism. Aimee Landi pulls no punches when dealing with others. Aimee Landi is a loudmouth who doesn't get along with other girls and can't hold a job because of her tell-it-like-it-is persona.